New Year’s Resolutions

The year is coming to an end and I have been reflecting on the year that has passed. The good, bad and ugly. To make the most out of 2016, I have set myself some goals. More like guidelines honestly, because we all know that one can never keep  a new year’s resolution! Here we go:


  • Excercise and mindfulness. ( I am anxiously waiting for my pilates classes to start).
  • Eat more fruits and vegs, less processed food, meat and sweets.



  • Learn something new
  • Make time for yourself ( book swimming classes for baby and husband ; ) )
  • Be creative
  • Read more books (or at least finish the four books in the nightstand drawer).



  • Do more daytrips
  • Take more pictures
  • Live in the moment


I already know that 2016 will bring some unforgettable moments, nice trips and hopefully personal growth. Bring it on!



Welcome to eniway.

This blog is a place for positive and inspiring thoughts and things for me and hopefully others can enjoy it too. With time I will have a clearer picture of what this blog consists of.

I am looking forward to becoming a better photographer, writer but most of all I hope to inspire others.

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