Sunday thoughts…

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the pace of the universe, where everyone is going or coming from somewhere. Not just in the literal sense. Anyone who is or has been a stay at home parent, knows how suddenly time stops still, but everyone around you still keeps on going 110mph. And I must admit, at times I did get stressed out over it.
As I have previously written, one of my new years resolutions was to “live in the moment”. I have knowingly tried to do so and appreciate the small things. I have tried to put the phone down more often just to cherish what is happening around me. I think we all should learn from children, who will stop to look at the same things over and over again. A little persons perception is such a wonderful thing.


One of the main things that stressed me out was, if I had to leave the house early in the morning. All the packing and getting dressed sometimes took so long that I knew we were going to miss the first 5 minutes of music class. Something that I have changed to make the situation better is work on my time management. Getting G dressed straigt after breakfast, packing the bag early (as opposed to doing so right before having to leave the house and not being able to find object X) and planning ahead in general. But the most important change that I have made was changing my attitude; It really is not that bad if we actually miss the first few minutes of a class or if I have to take the next bus to town.


Cherishing the moment is probably the most important thing to do in this stage of my life. Seeing G grow and change every day, I feel privileged to be experiencing it first hand. Of course there are days when I secretly (or not so secretly) envy the mothers who can drop their children off at daycare and wear white (or eat their lunch while its still hot or use the toilet without an audience) for the rest of the day.
A while ago I was talking to an old friend and thinking if I should go to work and how to balance work and family. My friends answer was something like “You should concentrate on your career while you are young and still can”. At that point I realized, that I also had moved on, not neccesarily in the same direction as my working friends, but I wasnt in the same place as “pre baby”. After our conversation I couldn’t help but shrug and think “you obviously are not a parent”.



Nursery Details


After weeks days of rain the sun finally made an appearance in Aberdeen!

My plan was to make the most out of it and take a couple of photos of the nursery (I keep typing “nursesy” for some reason. Dont you just hate when that happens?).

After luring G out of my way with crackers and some toys, I was finally ready to press the shutter button, when my camera decided it was time to kindly inform me, that the battery was dead! I couldn’t help, but load the battery pack and attempt in at another time. Luckily I did manage to snap some pictures today, the second sunny day in a row!

We wanted to maintain a bright look within the nursery and add colour through G’s toys and some pictures on the wall. The great thing is that it is easy to change the “theme” or let the room grow and change with the child. I personally enjoy a B&W monocrome look, but I feel that it is not how I would like to decorate my child’s room. I think we managed to make a nice compromise between style and practicality.

We went for a Montessori-style nursery, where G could choose his toys and books himself (…and hopefully even learn to put them back where they belong). We took out his cotbed and only left the mattress of the floor and so far it has worked well for us.

There are still a few things we want to change, for example hang the bookshelves, change the curtains and possibly look for a small area rug and some cushions, but I find it is coming together quite nicely.

Wow, I didn’t know that I had this much thoughts to share about a nursery. To not bore you out of your minds, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you like them.



Baby favourites

This Christmas Baby G got plenty of toys, books, clothes and some toiletries. His auntie gifted him with a nice bag full of Mádara Creams. I thought I’d tell a bit more about these products as they are not really available on the high street. All Mádara products can be ordered online here.


The Cocoa&Plum Creamy Oil has been a favourite since G was born and we have absolutely loved it! The consistency is great, it becomes soft and liquidy on the skin but is a more solid and cream-like, so it makes it easy to dose and you don’t get it all over. I also love the fragrance. A very subtle sweet smell, that is not too strong even for a newborn.

We have been using the Protective Baby Cream for a good couple of weeks now, applying it on  babys face before our daily walks and it has really made a difference. No more dry cheeks although I do apply a face cream after his bath in the evening, just to bring out that extra “baby cheek”softness. Different from the body oil, the Face Cream has a typical cream scent as it is unperfumed.

The Oat and Camomile Body Wash has been in use since we got it. The pump bottle is great, easy to dose and there’s no fuss trying to open a shampoo bottle with soapy hands, while trying to hold a non stop moving toddler from slipping around in the tub. G always asks to put a little bit of body wash on his hand, so that he can rub his tummy! I guess that’s his way of saying that he too approves!


Needless to say, I really like all Mádara products for babies. A great thing about these products is that they area all natural, vegan (note: Creamy Baby oil contains beeswax), Cruelty free and ECOCERT standard. Madara products are NOT tested on animals.