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Pup Party!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, birthday season is upon us in our household. The first one to grow a year older is our very beloved pooch Mason.

Now, I’ve never thrown him a proper party, but on all of his birthdays we’ve taken him somewhere special to run about. He gets walked plenty, but theres nothing that beats his happy face when he’s at the beach. On his special day he gets a few bits of his favourite food (pizza, rotisserie chicken,..) and maybe a couple of extra treats.

This year I have aready managed to put together a diy-photoshoot, which was quite a challenge. I found it difficult to find a nice background with good lightning, tell my dog to sit when there was a treat in front of him, keep a toddler away and snap photos at the same time. It was a very chaotic 15 min sesh but I’m happy with a couple of snaps, so It was worth it.

As G gets bigger I find it nice to organise and celebrate special days. I found some really cool ideas on pinterest for a dog party. Yes, a party that you invite your DOG’s friends to. Its all about treats, pupcakes (dog-friendly cupcakes), homemade dog biscuits and games.

Pictures: Pinterest

Since Mason doesn’t really have proper dog friends, this is not something I personally am planning to do. Yet I think that next year, when G is almost 3 and he will have a better understanding of birthdays, we will definitely celebrate Masons birthday with (human) cake as well!

I especially liked the idea of the goodie bags with treats and a tennis ball. Also I would ask for the guests to bring old towels, sheets, blankets, newpapers or dog food to be donated for the local dog shelter, instead of presents. Any excuse for a party!


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