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What’s up?

So all of a sudden summer is over and I haven’t been here since.. May? To my defence I had a couple of drafts from June and they went something like this:

“June.. The month I switched my heating back on. Dressed my child in his winter coat. Left the house with a scarf and gloves and retuned home, simply because it was too cold. But hey, it can only get better, right?”

So maybe it was better to not be posting that anyways. So what’s new anyways?

August has been great! We’ve enjoyed some warm days and sunshine! I’ve found myself a dear hobby and can already feel some changes in my body. I’m hoping to get my eating on track now that its getting cooler and there’s no excuse to have ice-cream 3 times a day.

I personally am welcoming autumn with open arms. In our house the the end of summer means the beginning of birthday season. All of my boys have their birthday within the next two months.

Im planning to be back  here soon! But meanwhile here’s some snaps of what might have been one of the last warm weekends for a while.


This Zara Kids (my little secret…) sale find has become one of my summer favorites! The bright colours and playful tassles just does it for me. Can’t wait for a beach holiday to pair it with jeans shorts and flipflops.





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