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Sporty spice (mummy styles)

After the rainy and windy week, the weekend surprised us with sun and barely any rain! I headed down to Union Terrace with my family to enjoy the sunshine (and food!) at the International Market. I also snapped these pictures of my laid back-sporty outfit of the day.

Although I don’t consider myself to be a style icon/inspiration in any way (especially when your wardrobe has to be kid-friendly!) I really do like this outfit. The bright orange jacket goes perfectly with blue or black jeans and adds a bit of colour when strolling the grey streets of Aberdeen. The scarf is probably my most used one. To add that little something and shield my eyes from the sun ( and keep my hair from flying all crazy- Aberdonians know) I added the grey baseball cap. I totally love the colour grey because it goes really well with my complexion. To finish off I wore my Adidas Los Angeles trainers, my go to- shoes until it’s warm enough to wear ballerinas.




Ps. My photoshop is refusing to read any RAW files, so the quality isn’t the best.

Pps. I’m NOT preggers although it might look like it. (insert laughing or crying smiley?)



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