Baby favourites

This Christmas Baby G got plenty of toys, books, clothes and some toiletries. His auntie gifted him with a nice bag full of Mádara Creams. I thought I’d tell a bit more about these products as they are not really available on the high street. All Mádara products can be ordered online here.


The Cocoa&Plum Creamy Oil has been a favourite since G was born and we have absolutely loved it! The consistency is great, it becomes soft and liquidy on the skin but is a more solid and cream-like, so it makes it easy to dose and you don’t get it all over. I also love the fragrance. A very subtle sweet smell, that is not too strong even for a newborn.

We have been using the Protective Baby Cream for a good couple of weeks now, applying it on  babys face before our daily walks and it has really made a difference. No more dry cheeks although I do apply a face cream after his bath in the evening, just to bring out that extra “baby cheek”softness. Different from the body oil, the Face Cream has a typical cream scent as it is unperfumed.

The Oat and Camomile Body Wash has been in use since we got it. The pump bottle is great, easy to dose and there’s no fuss trying to open a shampoo bottle with soapy hands, while trying to hold a non stop moving toddler from slipping around in the tub. G always asks to put a little bit of body wash on his hand, so that he can rub his tummy! I guess that’s his way of saying that he too approves!


Needless to say, I really like all Mádara products for babies. A great thing about these products is that they area all natural, vegan (note: Creamy Baby oil contains beeswax), Cruelty free and ECOCERT standard. Madara products are NOT tested on animals.



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